2017. október 21., szombat


Blanc (‘White' in Catalan) is a festival, with more than 800 attendees from all over the country, where live music, shows and talks about graphic design, photography, typography, illustration, motion graphics converge into a unique place: an antique theatre from one of the most representative neighborhoods in Barcelona, that is, Poblenou. 
Four sentences in Catalan from my lecture (the rest was in English): Hi ha coses que puc imaginar i sóc capaç de dibuixar. Hi ha coses que puc imaginar, però, no soc capaç de dibuixar. Seria posible dibuixar alguna cosa, que no soc capaç de imaginar? És això que de veritat m'interessa. Adri Lantos, thanks for the translation! (There are things I can imagine and I can draw. There are things I can imagine but I cannot draw. But, could I draw something that I cannot imagine? That interests me greatly.)
At the same time hundreds of thousands of people are on the streets of Barcelona to protest for the independence of Catalonia. 

2017. október 15., vasárnap


Güler Sanat Gallery exhibited five of my works at Art Market Budapest in the Millenáris Cultural Center. Curator: Kemal Orta.

2017. október 10., kedd

2017. szeptember 27., szerda


The last week was the week of the poster. In Paris, from where the modern-day poster was launched in the second half of the 19th century, the AGI (Alliance Graphique International) congress was organized, which of course was the opening with an exhibition of posters: the organizers asked the members of the company to design posters with the title Borders with useing only black, white and grey colours. The last day of the AGI Congress was held in the Pompidou Center, the name of the new members were presented there. One of them is István Horkay so from now there are two representatives of Hungary in the club of the world’s leading graphic artists and designers. (Almost 500 members from 39 countries). Along with the events in Paris, the 20th edition of CIIPE was held (Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition) was held in Fort Colins. Here is the result: Award Winners: Erich Brechbuhl, Istvan Orosz, Mehmet Ali Turkman, Honorable Mentions: Andrew Lewis, Shino Suefusa, Felipe Taborda.  My award winner work is a theatre poster: Stop. Also at the same week the Tolerance poster show (organized by Mirko Ilic) was opened in Breda in the Netherlands and the 1917 - 2017 poster exhibition (organized by by Serge Serov) was opened in Sibenik in Croatia. Both exhibitions are travelling exhibitions, so you can see these posters in other places soon.

2017. augusztus 23., szerda


From Aug 22nd in the Dobrich Art Gallery the visitors could enjoy the exhibition of the contemporary Hungarian visual artist Istvan Orosz. This collection is arranged in Dobrich after its visit to the Varna Art Gallery. It contains 10 of his best posters and 27 graphic sheets. The exhibition will be open till Sep 22nd.  ART GALLERY – DOBRICH Address:14, “ Bulgaria” str. website: www.dobrichgallery.org