2018. március 2., péntek


I have finished these new anamorphic labyrinths some days ago. A round shaped and a square shaped. I started to draw them about a year ago. The pencil sketch was  documented in the portrait film made by Gabriella Medgyesi: Utisz útjai. What a long job.

2018. február 23., péntek


My picture book The Drawn Time (A lerajzolt idő) was published just ten years ago in 2008. Because it is impossible  to find it in bookstores, let me put here the virtual version of the book (please click here) Thanks  for Tiara Press, for editor-in-chief Attila Virág, for the designer Attila Molnár and for the Master Printing Company. Also thanks to László Haris for the photos and Adele Einstein and Anna Ida Orosz for the translations. The texts were written by Mária Ács, Márton Barabás, Katalin Bíró, Amos S. Cohen, Eszter Dobozi, Bruno Ernst, Shigeo Fukuda, György Haiman, György Kemény, Mihály Kornis, István Lénárt, László Márton, György Mészáros, Éva M Tóth, Gáspár Nagy, Guy d O'Bonner, Andrea Orosz, Sándor Reisenbüchler, Zsófi Ruttkay, Doris Schattschneider, Carol Stevens, Marta Sylvestrova, Géz Szőcs, Márton Takáts, Tamás Tarján, András Török and Tibor Wehner.

2018. február 7., szerda

2017. december 11., hétfő


... or die Kunst der Utopie, because the international poster exhibition was organized by the Goethe Institut in Israel. The location: the van Leer Institut in Jerusalem. The list of participants: Orosz István, Etgar Raphie, Blagodatskikh Kirill, Naumova Anna, Gowing Mark, Goldberg Carin, Greiman April, Gramlich Götz, Hollands Michele Miyares, Hamstra Jan, Wagenbreth Henning, Wasilewski Mieczysław, Zask Catherine, Tartakover David, Jeker Werner, Le Quernec Alain, Loesch Uwe, Lins Rico, Lemel Yossi, Lenz Anette, Majewski Lech, Magallanes Alejandro, Monguzzi Bruno, Sato U.G., Sonnoli Leonardo, Polonsky David, Pethő Veronika, Pearce Harry, Piippo Kari, Ferrer Isidro, Cave Billy, Revuelta Marta, Michael (Mysh) Rozanov, Rayski Łukasz Luka, Scher Paula. Click here for more details. The "Globe-poster" was designed by Veronika Pethő who was my student at the Sopron University. The last photos with my poster was made by Yossi Lemel - thanks to him.

2017. december 1., péntek


If you are around Moscow, come to the Central House of Artists (to the place where the International Poster Biennial - Zalataya Ptsela – used to take place), now there is a big-big book fair. Official Russian title: Ярмарка интеллектуальной литературы non/fiction 2017. Tomorrow on 1 PM I will give a lecture there. I will speak about the Hungarian book illustration – from the old illustrators (starting with the famous Hertul family) till the contemporary artists (Dora, Kinga, Jacquline, etc.) then I will show how I made an anamorphic illustration for The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. On Sunday Serge Serov invited me to give a lecture in his Art University at 3 PM. I will speak about my works and I will show posters, etchings, illustrations, animations.  All  readers of Utisz Blog are very welcome.

2017. november 7., kedd


It’s been exactly 100 years of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia, and with it, several thoughts and memories arise regarding the subject and protagonists of it. The Russian poster artist Serge Serov had the idea to initiate a call for posters, from all around the world, where designers can give their opinion and feelings towards this date, bringing really interesting results, being it positive, negative, neutral, or even making fun of it. Serge asked to use only red and white and black colors. 
I copy his message: Golden Bee Global Biennale of Graphic Design and Higher Academic School of Graphic Design are honored to invite you to participate in the Invitational Poster Campaign of the Global Poster Project "1917–2017" In that context a world exhibition tour showing 100 posters is planned, which will end as a special project at the Golden Bee 13 Global Biennale of Graphic Design. We invite 90 leading designers from around the world to create posters reflecting their attitude to this date. Posters should be digitally printed. File size 91 x 128 cm, vertical, 300 dpi, JPG, PDF. Special conditions the color scheme of the poster – red & black & white.
These are my posters: